Car Rental from $5

Just like having your own car

How It Works

Quick Sign-up

Join us using your driving license & EZ-link card. Book a car from your desk or on the go.


Pick-up the car from a smove location or have it delivered to you in our service area.

Easy Access

Open, start & close the car just using your registered EZ-link card. Just tap-n-go!

Hassle Free Rides

Enjoy your drive and never worry about fuel, cleaning & other chores.

No Fuss Payment

Pay automatically via PayPal or your credit card. No lines or waiting!

Fun Surprises

Need a car for a special occasion? We can help make your day extra special! Just tell us what you need.

Change the way you drive today

For a low one-time registration fee of $19. (only payable on your 1st booking)

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What It Costs

Flexi Drive


  • Per 15 mins
  • Billed in blocks of 15 mins
  • Insurance & Petrol included
  • Book on-the-spot for as short as 15 mins

Pricing is charged at $5/15 mins and capped at the prices below for usage during those timings

Weekday Cap


  • Mon to Fri 10am to 5pm
  • Ideal for business & weekday errands
  • Insurance & Petrol included
  • No extra booking required

Half-Day Cap


  • Use up to 12 hours
  • Ideal for multiple trips within a day
  • Insurance & Petrol included
  • No extra booking required

Full-Day Cap


  • Use up to 24 hours
  • Flexible & affordable for a full day
  • Insurance & Petrol included
  • No extra booking required

Overnight Cap


  • Drive to & from work
  • Sun to Thu from 6.30 pm to 8.30 am
  • Insurance & Petrol included
  • Not for Fri, Sat, eve of PH and PH

Where We Are

Fun & Eco-Friendly Ride

Toyota Prius C - Hybrid

We keep it simple: one-make, one-model.

  • - 1,500cc engine
  • - Automatic transmission
  • - 730km est. range
  • - Seats: 5 pax

Our Customer Team



A friendly introvert who's laidback and easygoing. Dislikes long meetings but enjoys long conversations over coffee. Rulebooks and red tape annoy him. He indulges in day dreams but hopes to make them reality someday. His work philosophy is "A smile from a customer is its own reward".



An accidental non-conformist, Ray is rarely spotted on social networks but is always up for a conversation. Originally trained in banking, he swapped Excel models for the joy of working in a small team. He believes in "practical environmentalism" and is excited for smove to drive with the rest of Singapore into the new era of the Sharing Economy.